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One billion people login and scroll through Facebook every day, including one-third of all Americans. That means that utilizing Facebook ads is the most effective way to reach your customers. Whether you run a world-wide business, are looking to expand your customer base, or increase brand reach and awareness – Facebook is the place to be.

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With our social media expertise, we can create an effective Facebook advertising strategy that will work for your brand. We have a team of experts ready and waiting to help create a personalized Facebook advertising strategy specifically for you.

Audience Identification

One of the biggest struggles we see is businesses who don’t know their audience. Facebook ads are especially targeted to certain users and a catered audience. We work with you to unlock a deep understanding of your target audience and identify the best messaging to reach them with Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities. This helps to narrow the number of advertisements you need to place and streamline your potential customer intake.

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Content Creation

We’re an agency that specializes in creating content for all of your Facebook advertising needs. We are about more than just posting and waiting for results. Ads need to be ever changing to match the audience interest and garner engagement. That’s our literal job. We make sure your content is fresh, ever-green, on-brand, accurate, and targeted for your audience at all times. 

But our expertise doesn’t stop there. We’ll make sure your content is used to its fullest potential through repurposing and reposting. We are in this for the successful long game.

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Compelling Ads

Any business or individual can run an ad campaign. But that doesn’t mean the ad campaign will be compelling and successful. Our content creation specialty ensures compelling ads that increase consumer engagement because of their content and placement.

Facebook paid ads are the best way to expand your reach and gain traction on the world’s biggest social media platform. But using this platform and the paid ads effectively can be difficult. We’ll help you find what works by running an optimized campaign from start-to-finish.

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Ad campaigns need to be monitored and changed accordingly. We work with data-tracking tools to gain insights that pinpoint where each campaign went right (or wrong), ultimately improving your strategy. 

We’ll give you a ranking of how well each ad performed so you know where to continue putting advertisements and which type are successful. This will help you get rid of any bad practices quickly and more efficiently. We don’t just give out advice. We provide the proven numbers behind our guidance.

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Ultimately this is your ad campaign. We may be doing the behind the scenes work and tracking the success, but it will affect your business the most. That’s why we believe in transparency and will share all our findings with you. We’ll not only show you the tactics that worked, but also those that didn’t work. We value testing and analysis so everyone can learn from this process. Our goal is to make a successful campaign and ensure that you feel confident in understanding the process and continuing forward in the future.

Transparency also extends to the entirety of the ad campaign and strategy team meetings. There is nothing that we will do with your brand name or ad goals without consulting you first. This is your business and your brand and we would never jeopardize your image and success.

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We bring years of experience to each one of our client projects. This experience spans multiple industries like real estate, education, life insurance, and more. Our previous clients and case studies help to prove that we always leave our clients satisfied and growing as a business.

Thanks to the digital sphere our experience not only in advertising, but in working digitally with clients has increased as well. This makes it so that our clients can be located almost anywhere in the world and still be able to access our resources. We are continually learning and growing as a company and wanting to impart our knowledge onto our clients for a successful working relationship and future.

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There is a heavy placement on personalization of advertising at Wedgewood Marketing. Every industry is different and every brand is unique. We get to know you and your brand personally and in-depth before beginning to form and implement a marketing strategy.

There is no single strategy or advertisement that will work for everyone. Our team has experience with lots of niche businesses so we have the history and success to help any business achieve their advertising goals.

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Steve Henderson
Steve Henderson
07:03 03 Aug 22
Wedgewood had a big impact on our SEO traffic and overall business. They offered a thorough audit, actionable... solutions, and great resultsread more
Miles Ross
Miles Ross
20:35 28 Sep 21
Wedgewood has done an awesome job helping me get the visibility I had envisioned for my business. After partnering with... them I have seen a huge increase in traffic to my site and couldn't be happier! They actually listened to what I wanted to do and what I wanted to spend, then created a plan built specifically for the needs of my business. These guys are awesome, will definitely be sticking with them moving forward for all my SEO and PPC needs!read more
Tim Petrinec
Tim Petrinec
01:35 02 Sep 21
Couldn’t be happier with Wedgewood. An actual customized plan that delivered quick and continual results. Truly best in... class service. Highly recommend for any business that is serious about results from their marketing investment.read more
kelly williams
kelly williams
16:26 30 Aug 21
Great company to work with! Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They put together my accounts and SEO on my... websites to get me up and running in the right direction. Rely on the experts don’t reinvent the wheel, trusting people who know the business will save you time and money in the long run!read more
Michael Cox
Michael Cox
14:51 20 Aug 21
Wedgewood has done great work for us in SEM and all things digital. Very helpful in teaching our internal team to help... everyone on both sides get better results and work as a team. Way different than all the other agency relationships we've had in the past!read more
Benjamin Waksmunski
Benjamin Waksmunski
20:59 19 Aug 21
In my experience, Wedgewood does a great job using true analysis for making decisions regarding digital advertising... placement and language. Where as other digital marketing shops I've worked with have been reluctant to provide an honest perspective on proposed marketing tactics, Wedgewood has always used numbers to justify campaign spend.read more
Jacky Joe
Jacky Joe
19:00 19 Aug 21
I had the pleasure of partnering with Wedgwood Marketing on a lead generation project. They were both professional and... punctual during our collaboration. I would recommend their service offerings for performance marketing needs.read more
Joshua Patton
Joshua Patton
14:21 08 Aug 21
I've had the pleasure of working with Wedgewood Marketing for both of the businesses that I operate and both times... their service and results far surpassed even my lofty expectations. I was able to work one on one with the owner of the company who took the time to understand what our goals were and helped strategize the best way to achieve them. I have since retained their services on an ongoing basis to help to continue to drive growth. I highly recommend reaching out to Wedgewood for any of your digital marketing needs.read more
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Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook advertising is one of the many services we offer. Our Facebook Advertising services have proven to be successful and fruitful for previous and current clients. 

Here are some of the major benefits of advertising on one of the oldest forms of social media.

Facebook is now Meta

The Facebook brand recently rebranded into “Meta.” Meta currently owns the top 4 mobile apps in the world: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger, as well as Oculus VR. This means that any advertising that happens on Facebook can easily be spread to these other apps and increase the scope of users who see and potentially engage with your brand.


Facebook ads are extremely customizable, including your call-to-action button. This makes our personalized approach to every ad campaign effective within Facebook advertising. This also helps businesses to be able to change their ads as needed. 

As we track the effectiveness and success of different advertisements we can learn what attracts consumers and what doesn’t. Then with Facebook customizability it’s easy to change up the ads to fit the content that seems to be more effective.

This includes video and image ads, as well as different call-to-action buttons.You can customize your ads to increase your campaign’s effectiveness on Facebook and the rest of their platforms that fall under the Meta umbrella. 

Quick Set-Up & Fast Results

With Facebook ads, it is easy to set up and to launch ad campaigns quickly, if you know what you are doing. But if you don’t know what you are doing, you can quickly find yourself blowing money into the wind with high click rate costs that lead to zero leads and a negative ROI. But that’s why we are here! To help you achieve your end goal of increasing awareness, increasing your pipeline, and increasing your bottom line. 

Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable about this process and can get started as quickly as you want. We handle all the monitoring from our end while continuing to collaborate with you on your next ad and campaign to represent your brand on the longest standing and most successful social media platform.

This simple and fast process also means that Facebook advertising can start to produce advertising results quickly. They have over one billion users daily who are constantly on social media and who regularly come into contact with ads as they scroll. This massive audience means that results happen faster than on other platforms.

Facebook also moves fast in their advertising updates. This is where we as a digital marketing agency really excel and create impactful benefits for our clients. It can be hard to keep up with the changing digital sphere and understand all the new tools available unless you are fully immersed within the Facebook ads world. Luckily, we are, so you don’t have to be.

That’s why as your Facebook ads agency, Wedgewood Marketing does all that work for you to keep your ads up to date, ensuring that they continue to be effective so your business can take advantage of all Facebook advertising has to offer.

Targeting & Retargeting

Facebook advertising has a customizable audience targeting feature. As a team, we will work together to figure out the ideal audience type for your brand. Who you should be targeting to get the most clicks, engagement, and hopefully future customers.

Facebook also offers different audience targets for different advertising campaigns. As our strategy starts out, we can target multiple different audience types to find out which content works best with which audience. The benefit of a multiple-ad campaign is finding out what works the best so we know how to move forward.

And finally, a key feature in Facebook advertising is the ability to retarget your ads. Facebook ads allows businesses to retarget users that have interacted with your ads previously. We can track this information and continue to reach out to users who have shown potential interest but who have not taken action. 

One touchpoint is usually not enough to grab someone’s attention and lead them to answer your call to action and into your pipeline. But sometimes it just takes one extra push to create a loyal customer. This is why retargeting is an essential component of any Facebook ads campaign. 

Organic Posting Reach Has a Limit

While your own business page on Facebook may be getting a bit of traffic, it has a limit. In fact, only a small percentage of your followers actually see what you post most of the time. Facebook has also been decreasing the visibility of business pages in newsfeeds. This means that your target audience likely has to manually go onto your business page to see your posts. And that doesn’t happen much, which is where Facebook ads come into play.

Facebook has announced the recent shift to dedicate more newsfeed space to posts from your friends and family. But since these posts are interrupted with ads, there is a golden opportunity to reach your target audience.

And with our team’s experience and strategies, Facebook ads are the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck. They are only effective if you know how to create and target the ads purposely, and that’s our expertise at Wedgewood Marketing. The pipeline growth, awareness, and ROI you will see are more than worth your investment

Facebook isn’t the only social platform that’s ripe for paid ad campaigns. That’s why we also offer other social media advertising options and Amazon marketing services as well.

Along with Facebook we have expertise and experience in Instagram ads and LinkedIn ads for businesses who wish to pursue those platforms and audiences. Each platform has a different audience and different regular users, making each platform unique in its ROI offering. 

If you are unsure which social media platform would be best for your business to start, contact us for a free marketing audit! We would be happy to discuss your brand and advertising goals to see which one is the best fit.

Also Serving: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Columbia, Gastonia, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh, Wilmington, Asheville

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