Google PPC Case Study #1

Optimizing a large Google Ads budget. Lead volume increased by 39% the very first month.

The Client

The client provides multiple services in the health & wellness industry that are growing in popularity. The industry is competitive with mom-and-pop stores along with larger chains. The cost-per-click varies from $3 to $10 depending on the market and the advertised service. 

As a non-essential and non-urgent service, the conversion rate trends lower which was the main challenge of this account. In addition, their budget was limited due to a lower return on ad spend.

The account had previously been managed by a large agency and an in-house Marketing team, both providing average results.  

Key Metrics

Performance immediately improved the same month we implemented the new campaigns. With a budget 9% smaller, the Google Ads generated the following:

44 %

Increase in booked appointments for the locations

39 %

Increase in Lead Volume

34 %

Reduction in Cost-per-Lead

Our Solution

Our team analyzed the account and recognized some major flaws in the account structure (listed below). We recreated the Google Ads account within a week, focusing on the services that generate revenue.  

Google Ads Issues

The campaign was built with all of the locations combined. Breaking the campaigns down by location offer another layer of optimization.

Most agencies use Google’s own bidding system to manage their bids. This is a conflict of interest. Google wants their clients to spend more of their budget, not getting the lowest cost-per-lead possible!

The keywords were matching irrelevant searches. Since this is a pay-per-click system, a lot of the budget was wasted.

The ads were lacking powerful headlines that resonate with the target market. 

The entire budget was setup at a national level. This was letting Google decide where to spend the budget. 

Our Optimizations

We rebuilt the account structure, keyword bank and ad copy selection using our proven method. 

We use Artificial Intelligence to manage our bids. Based on data, it makes adjustments on the daily basis, ensuring the optimal performance.

Over time, we focus on the keywords that do well and exclude the underperformers. We also add new keywords regularly to keep it frsh.

With daily, weekly and monthly scheduled optimizations, we improve performance over time.

We use budget as an optimization tool to make sure we get the best out of every advertising dollar per market. 

The Results

With very encouraging results the first month, the account’s performance continued to improve over time. The cost per unique lead hit an all-time low in March 2021. 

To note: the data below includes Spring 2020, where campaigns were suspended due to COVID-19.

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