SEO Case Study #1

Take a look at how we can improve SEO performance in a matter of weeks

The Client

The website has had stagnant organic traffic since 2017 in both unique sessions and leads. As the most profitable source of business, our client has always wanted to boost their SEO performance. The industry is very competitive from mom-and-pop stores to larger chains, with thousands of websites posting regularly about similar content. 

This represented a challenge for us since most of their keywords are hard to rank for. We had to be creative in how we restructured the website and created meaningful off-site white hat Search Engine Optimization.

Despite a new website launch in 2019 and a new agency partner, the client hadn’t seen any improvement until Wedgewood stepped in.

To note: the pandemic did not affect the benchmark since traffic recovered immediately after their business reopening in June 2020. 

Key Metrics

The client saw an immediate jump in performance after the implementation of our best practices. Additionally, the increase happened in the Winter, which is their slowest period of the year. The metrics below are compared quarter over quarter (Q1 2021 vs Q4 2020).

85 %

Increase in Organic Sessions, Quarter-Over-Quarter

49 %

Increase in Organic Leads

26 %

Increase in Sales, generating $100,000s of additional revenue

Our Solution

Our team went through an exhaustive audit of the key items that impact SEO Performance. We identified what hurt SEO first, whether the website was already penalized or at-risk. Then, we presented our list of recommendations to the client, and prioritized what needed to be done first and over time. 

SEO is not a sprint and we always make sure that we lay the right foundations. 

On-Site SEO

Setting up a clear structure for the website is important because it allowed us to create a keyword strategy. Too many pages had the same intent (i.e targeting the same keywords). This creates cannibalization between pages, not good for SEO!

Many multi-location businesses had copy/pasted content across their location pages. This can generate a Google penalty known as duplicate content.

Missing description tags, Title Tags too long or too short, etc.

We wrote pages and articles that people want to read. Nobody is interested in “filler content” and Google knows it!

Many optimizations live in the details and listing them all would take a lot of room on the page. If you are curious about in-depth SEO, we recommend reading guides.

Off-Site SEO

Very important for any local business. We optimized their listing according to best practices and reported fake reviews.

We created thousands of listings online for each of their location. This allows their business to expand their footprint all over the internet.

Backlinks are crucial for SEO (i.e websites with authority that link back to your website!). We built a network of bloggers and health & wellness websites over time. This took months but they now write about the services and the brand regularly.

The Results

We listed the main results of this SEO program below. Performance is still improving to this day. We do not post our clients’ sales numbers but you can see the impact on both leads and unique organic sessions over time.

seo case study
seo case study keyword ranking

The client renewed their contract after seeing the initial results, which continue to grow as of Summer 2021.  In June 2021, their lead volume was up by more than 70% compared to June 2020 and June 2019. The website keeps making progress to this day.

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