Google PPC Case Study #2

Learn how we made a campaign profitable and grew its lead volume by 5.6x in 30 days. 

The Client

The company conducts business in a small niche of the real estate industry. The supply is low while demand is very high, which makes Pay-Per-Click advertising very expensive. Their vendor was not able to generate consistent lead volume despite  a significant budget.

Challenge: Turning a Google Ads account into a profitable lead source, with a minimum return on ad spend of 10x. 

Key Metrics

Performance immediately improved in the first 30 days. With a high lead quality and consistent closing rate, we were able to scale the campaigns rapidly in order to maximize revenue. The key campaign metrics were as follow:


Return on Ad Spend in the first 30 days


Increase in Lead Volume

374 %

Increase in Budget 

Our Solution

Our team found major issues in their current Google Ads and website and were able to fix them within a couple of weeks. This laid the foundation of a scalable campaign and allowed the company to increase their spend, and lead volume.

Google Ads Issues

A short list of keywords will make it difficult to circumvent a high cost-per-click environment. 

The changes were made to the account were too scarce and too limited. 

The campaigns were matching with unrelated searches (financing, general information…)

The website copy was very informative but it was lacking a clear call-to-action message.

The landing page had a some issues with user experience, with design elements that were preventing lead submissions.

Our Optimizations

We did extensive research to add specific keywords that are cheaper than the common ones. This drove the cost per click down.

Our new Google Ads account was designed for increased testing and focusing on the keywords that were successful. 

We made update to the landing page design and tested different call to action. Early A/B tests allowed us to define the optimal message very quickly. 

With daily, weekly and monthly scheduled optimizations, we improve performance over time.

The Results

The client’s expectations were met above and beyond, with sales coming through very rapidly after the campaigns started. The first month’s return on ad spend reached 30x while the expectation was 10x. The budget was increased within the first couple of weeks.

ppc case study 2 roas

With advanced tracking, the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) increased on from almost naught to over 30x.

Lead Volume increased significantly the first month of taking over their Google Ads account. 

ppc case study 2 leads

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